Milk is an integral part of our life. However, the essential drink that most children grow up with has come under a lot of scrutinies in recent times. That is because of the way cows are reared and milked in dairy farms. As more details are divulged as to how milk production is increased in dairy cows and how the animals are kept in unhygienic conditions, this led to people losing their faith in the nourishing drink that has sustained humans over the ages.

Indeed, with several alternate forms of nutrition sources that can supplement what we get from cow’s milk, people are having more options these days. They can opt to have soya milk or almond milk as well as hemp or other forms of milk extracts that offer different kinds of health benefits and help to replace what cow’s milk provides to our system. However, dairy milk still remains one of the complete food or nutrition sources that can sustain or form a major part of the diet of infants. With the right choice of dairy milk brand and awareness of alternate dairy products that can help overcome the limitations of cow’s milk, we can keep dairy products as part of our balanced diet even today.

The articles here talk about the popular myths and what remain essential truths about dairy products. The aim is to educate people and to help them take the right decision for themselves. Readers are encouraged to provide their feedback on the forum as well.