If you are unable to gain nutritional benefits from milk there is no need to despair. There are other alternative milk based substances that can help override the limitations of milk and still provide you most of the nutrition that milk is known for. While cheese is probably too high on calorie to be part of your daily diet or in substantial amounts, Yogurt is one dairy product that comes to the rescue. There are several benefits you get from Yogurt without some of the problems that many encounters with normal milk drinking.


Yogurt contains protein, some varieties in higher levels than others as well as nutritional minerals like phosphorous and calcium, which help in maintaining your teeth and bone health. Nowadays Yogurt comes in different flavors as well as low-fat versions. If you take a serving of yogurt in vanilla flavor and of the low-fat variety you are ensured not only calcium, protein in your diet but also minerals and vitamins like B12, riboflavin, phosphorus and others like zinc. At the same time, Yogurt is rich in pro-biotics which makes your gut stronger and helps to aid your natural digestive powers. Yogurt is easier to digest and intolerance to Yogurt is unheard of. You can get it in different flavors and versions that are higher in protein such as Greek Yogurt, those that are supplemented with pro-biotics even more and so forth. One can opt for Yogurt with fruit infusions or yogurt based shakes that can be healthy snacks or drinks on the go.

The above points showcase how one can make a dairy product a part of their regular diet and not have to think twice. There are less fattening aspects in Yogurt and more benefits to add to your health. It not only helps to supplement calcium, protein, and minerals in your diet but also aids in cooling the system and keeping your gut healthy.