When you are a woman and have a family to take care of, often you end up neglecting your own diet. That is a necessity as your health is also crucial and will affect that of your family’s as well if you are unable to stay healthy and fit for them. Inadequate nutrition also leads to feelings of fatigue, depression and low energy levels in women. Many mothers end up feeling harassed and tired too soon on a day when they have kids to look after and not adequate time to look after themselves.

It is important that a balanced diet is followed by women, irrespective of their age. It is even more important as one age since the falling levels of immunity and growth hormones in one’s system need to be balanced by adequate diet. As we all know, protein, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrate in balanced amounts are necessary for a balanced diet. Many women suffer from poor bone health and low iron content in their blood. These aspects come up as women age over time and become the causes of different ailments. It is necessary to step up the intake of nutrients that can prevent such shortcomings from happening in one’s health. Milk is a good source of calcium, protein, vitamin D and other minerals and vitamins. These, in turn, can ensure good health for women. Again, it also ensures that sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone remain in their bloodstream at healthy levels.

Milk Products

Women often neglect intake of milk or milk products as they feel that it would make them fat; some feel that they become bloated when they consume milk or it causes acne on their skin. However, these are myths that can be dispelled by ensuring an adequate serving of milk or milk products. For staying off excess milk fats one can consume skimmed or diet milk, but full fat or creamy milk has essential fatty acids that are good for heart health as well. Hence it is best that one takes a single serving of milk, half of a small cup every day with their cereals or as a meal accompaniment. One could also alternate and have single servings of Yogurt daily with their diet. These are some ways milk and Yogurt become part of one’s diet and help to ensure necessary nutrition that is vital for women’s health.

Those who are finicky about their diet can indulge in Yogurt shakes with fruits that are healthy and nutritious; such a shake can be a snack or a breakfast solution on the go.